Fine Art Jewelry

Combining the rich luster of precious metals with a rainbow of colorful gemstones, my work is vibrant, elegant, and contemporary.  But fine art jewelry must be more than just beautiful to look at  – it must also be a pleasure to wear. You will find my earrings and pendants comfortably light, while pins are designed to ride easily on shoulders, collars and lapels.

To achieve this end, I generally back my handcrafted pieces in strong but thin 14 karat gold. Nevertheless, I love the richness of higher karat golds so I use 22 karat for the bezels that surround my stones and 18 karat for many of the decorative elements.

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Practical considerations aside, the metals I use serve the primary purpose of enhancing the fine gemstones of all colors, shapes and textures that bring my jewelry to life. You will find diamonds and “the big three” – ruby, sapphire and emerald – but they will be right alongside unique and less familiar gemstones like dumortierite, kunzite and psilomelane, to name just a few. If you’re not familiar with these more exotic stones, you’ll find information on them in the descriptions of individual pieces. You will also find information about the image above by clicking on it.

Please click on The Collection to see my currently available work. When you click on a thumbnail image to view an enlargement, be sure to hover your mouse cursor over any of the lavender-shaded words you find. You’ll get both a surprise and an education! More jewelry can be viewed by clicking on The Archives, where you’ll find previous work from my fine art jewelry portfolio. And you can read even more about how I create these pieces on the Designer Profile page.

Click on Galleries to find a list of fine shops that carry my one-of-a-kind jewelry, while the Show Schedule link will tell you if you can expect to see me in your area in the near future. Finally, to sign up for my email newsletter – which will alert you when I have updated the current collection – click on Contact & Links.

I hope you enjoy your tour through my website!

~ Beth Rosengard

"...the fine art of jewelry design"

Fine Art Jewelry ~ Beth Rosengard